Mitsy the Mullumbimby Dog is still searching for a forever home.


I’m not usually a dogtographer but occasionally I make an exception. My friend rescued this gorgeous girl from being taken to the pound and the were in my neck of the woods so we thought we’d take some photos to help Mitsy find a home. She is in very good hands with Athena (who really doesn’t want a dog right now as she’s been caring for animals all her life and it’s time for some freedom) so she won’t hand her over to just anyone. With any enquiries it would be great if you could include what you can provide for her. Fences and time are great!

Athena’s words:

Mitsy is a good natured and sweet 9 months old american staffy X.

She is very friendly, affectionate and energetic dog.

She loves company and other dogs around her.

Mitsy is also a very lucky dog as i have rescued her from going to the pound, where she runs the risk of being put down.

I am now looking for a beautiful loving home for her

any enquiries welcome. 🙂



Lily Nancy